My Dog Poncho


Obviously this blog is still evolving. Is it for business, coaching, Virtual Assistants, my friends, my clients, strangers? Who knows! I’m still trying to figure that out. Today it is for my ramblings.

I’m pleased to announce that my dog Poncho made it in to a blog. Although it is a blog written by a cat who doesn’t think very highly of dogs… Poncho is still honored to be mentioned. If you’d like to read more about Poncho check out: The Life of a Cat

Here is prince Poncho sleeping with the princess. Notice the photo on the night stand…

One thought on “My Dog Poncho

  1. Fi Fi

    OK…I’ll admit it…he’s cute. There I said it. He’s cute. However the jury is still out when it comes to intelligence. The Servants dog leaves little to be desired in the intelligence departments as well. 😉

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