Do you doodle?


This must be the week of discovering new programs for me or something.

I just discovered another super cool program! It’s called Doodle.

Have you ever had to schedule a conference call or meeting with numerous people and went back and forth trying to find the best time to fit everyone’s schedule?

Well, now Doodle can do this for you! All you have to do is enter in all the options for dates and times that the meeting could possibly happen on, enter you email and you instantly have a link that you can email to all potential attendees allowing them to check off which dates/times work best for them. Doodle then calculates the most popular date, it also shows you everyone’s answers in a chart so you can see if you pick this time John can be there but Jane can’t.

It’s free and it’s super easy.

All this talk about Doodle reminds me of Toodledo. I think I am on day 3 of using Toodledo and I am still LOVING it! I feel so organized and productive. It’s helping me to keep my email in box down and life is good since I found Toodledo.

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