We Got Our Groove Back!


Thanks to blogging, Yvonne and I discovered that we have been following the same path but not together. We were both in a funk. My last post was all about how I forgot about my goals and how when I remembered them everything started falling in to place.

Then a few days ago Yvonne posted about the funk she was in and I commented on her blog saying, “Funny this post somewhat resembles my last blog post… seems we have been on the same funk cycle but we are back!” That comment prompted Yvonne to read my latest post and a big light bulb went off for her.She had also forgotten about her goals. She didn’t exactly forget but she had reached all her goals and had not set new ones. So we spent some time yesterday reviewing our old goals and setting new ones. We got to pat ourselves on the back for reaching goals that seemed like “big dreams” a year ago. In Yvonne’s process manual workbook, The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Thriving Business there is a section under the goal setting part which says “What dream do you dare to dream for your business?”. Every time I review my manual I update that dream and date it. I’m thrilled to say I’ve actually achieved most of those things that I dared to dream a year ago. (Still waiting for the 2nd house on a beach – but I know that will come soon).

In celebration of Yvonne and I getting our groove back we are offering a special on our book Managing Your Thriving Business for Success. If you enter the code word: productive you will receive $10 off the cost of the book! If you are in a funk or have lost your groove we hope you will join us in getting your groove back and let us know about your light bulb moments.

For the next 10 days we will be offering this $10 discount. Go to http://www.thrivingbusinessmanual.com/managing and enter the code: productive to start getting your groove back today!

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