Sushi in San Rafael


Miso Soup

I found another great Bay Area restaurant. The last two days I went to Sushi To Dai For for lunch. I know going to the same restaurant two days in a row is kind of strange but when something is good, why not? Before Tuesday, I’d never been to this Sushi restaurant because I’m pretty faithful to my favorite Sushi Restaurant Sweet Ginger in Sausalito. However, I was in San Rafael for my Toastmasters meeting and my friend invited me out to lunch so I said sure!

I liked the décor, it was fun and hip. We were there at lunch so we each ordered a Bento Box off of the lunch menu. I got the Terriyaki Salmon with the California Roll. The box came with Miso Soup, Green Salad, Steamed Rice, Salmon and a California Roll. The food was fresh and delicious. The service was great.

I’d go back… actually I did go back today. LOL

Normally, I wouldn’t go to a restaurant two days in a row but I have a good reason for this. I was having a super productive day working away at my to-do list when the phone rang. It was Celia, she was at Mike’s Bikes talking about the upcoming Mountain Bike Clinic and she had just locked her keys in her car. She said if I brought her the keys she would take me out to lunch. (I would have brought her the keys anyway because I’m nice like that but hey I’ll take a free lunch any day). It just so happens that Sushi To Dai For is located right next to Mike’s Bikes. Poncho was with me this time so he hung outside the restaurant in the shade while we went inside and enjoyed the Terriyaki Salmon Bento Boxes. I know, I’m really not original, same restaurant two days in a row and I ordered the same thing two days in a row (but it was really good both days).

Sushi-San-Rafael-poncho-waitingSushi To Dai For is located in downtown San Rafael.
816 4th St
San Rafael, CA 94901

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