Wine Tools


I’ve still got Napa on my mind.

Napa Valley

According to our friends, if we were going to buy fine wines we needed fine wine tools such as the Wine Saver Vacu Vin to preserve our wine after opening. They said the best place to get this was at Dean and Deluca located in St. Helena. Plus, they wanted us to see this adorable Dean and Deluca store full of gourmet food, wine and unique kitchen supplies. They also suggested we get some bread and cheese to snack on between wine tasting. This turned out to be a great idea! We bought some olive bread and sweet buttery bread that tasted like a big giant croissant. I resisted buying the chocolates.

Dean and Deluca Candy

I also resisted buying the gelato.

Gelato in Napa

I figured I had eaten so much the night before. It was best to stick with the bread and cheese.

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