Twitter as a Marketing Weapon


The social media success summit began last night with Guy Kawasaki, the co-founder of Alltop as the keynote speaker. Over the years I have attended tons of webinars, this is the first one that started off running. Usually in webinars we sit around for 5-10 minutes while the organizers fiddle with the technology, then the host talks about how fabulous he or she is, then maybe they get in to the content but not Guy. This webinar started and boom the information was coming fast and furious. At first I couldn’t keep up with all the juicy tid bits of information he was sharing. Here’s a few I caught:

  1. Guy said if the first time you used Twitter you thought it was wonderful you probably flunked the IQ test. Your initial reaction should be wow what is this crap?
  2. He shared a common sense suggestion I think we all need to be reminded of: if you want more followers you need to tweet useful or interesting info for your followers. For instance, “tweet out interesting links”.
  3. Retweeterati on Alltop lists the top 100 re-tweeted people on Twitter. The kind of people you might want to follow to see what they are doing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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