Waterbar San Francisco and PearlTrees


Today I had lunch with other Bay Area bloggers and Patrice Lamothe, the CEO of PearlTrees. We all met at Waterbar in San Francisco. This lunch was arranged by Renée Blodgett from Weblogtheworld. (Thanks @SFDoug for introducing me to Renée – she’s great!).

Waterbar is located in The Embarcadero on the water with a stunning view of the Bay Bridge. Perfect place to ferry to from Marin. It was such a beautiful day for a ferry ride!

PearlTrees hosted us to a fine lunch. I had the Hearts of Romaine salad with kalamta olives, ricotta slata, and lemon vinaigrette with the Crisp Soft Shell Crabs roasted corn relish, avocado and lime and the Vanilla Pound Cake strawberries vanilla Chantilly and an espresso.

While we dined we networked with each other and listened to Patrice Lamothe tell us about PearlTrees. PearlTrees is a social curator site. The company originated in France. PearlTrees is like social bookmarking on steroids. I don’t know about you but I often bookmark sites and forget about them. PearlTrees makes it visual and easy to find (and share with others). I just started using the program today so I can’t write a full review but so far I’m really liking it! I created a sample here so you can see what I’m talking about and also see how it can be used within a blog. Go ahead click around. It’s pretty cool!

Another neat aspect of PearlTrees is you can connect to others with similar interests. PearlTrees is like a user generated search engine.

I’m going to try it for awhile and get back to you on what I learn and how I like it.

3 thoughts on “Waterbar San Francisco and PearlTrees

  1. Tom Arkwright

    Sally, just now spinning up on Pearltrees.
    Thanks for the background info on the company.
    Looks to become important.
    Would like to be able to run my own pearltree for a private community but they don’t do that. Would like to contact Patrice about experimenting in return for sharing feedback, as perhaps that is a direction he envisions.
    BTW, I’m in Half Moon Bay.
    My trial tree, which will very quickly become a useful tool:

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