Why Foursquare Makes Customer Loyalty Fun and Easy


Businesses need to set up their customer loyalty programs on foursquare because it makes it fun and easy. All you need to do is decide what promotion(s) you want to offer, and contact foursquare’s developers to make it happen.

Why is it fun:

For users, foursquare is like a game. Users get competitive because you can earn points, badges, and rewards from merchants. It’s also a way to find where your friends are and where you should be. Plus foursquare gives users 3 ways to ‘shout it out’: foursquare friends, facebook status, and tweets on twitter. Contests among friends is common. I compete with friends on number of checkins, number of badges, and number of mayorships.

Why is it easy:

Because foursquare developers are so tuned in to the business market, they are ready to write the code you need to run your promotion. You are limited only by your imagination. Here are some of the most popular promotions foursquare currently has developed:

  • Freebies like coffee and lunch for the Mayor* of Whole Foods Market
  • % or $ off a promotional item at Starbucks
  • Discount of freebie after the 3rd checkin at Carrabas Restaurant
  • Free drink at the local bar when you’re part of a swarm*
  • Punch on a frequent shopper card

Wait no longer; contact foursquare today to see how you can have a fun and easy customer loyalty program!

*Mayors are foursquare users who check in the most days at the same venue within a 60 day period.

Terri Sinclair is an award-winning speaker, trainer, coach, and founder of develup. She’s been helping people communicate better for over 2 decades.  Terri coaches other coaches and entrepreneurs on using social media in their business plan. She also teaches small businesses how to provide exceptional customer service. Anyone interested in her training or coaching can visit develup.biz

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