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I’m trying out the platform Medium, created by the co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams (Ev). Medium is a place for ideas.

What kind of ideas? Many kinds: A particular viewpoint on the happenings of the day (or of the past), hard-earned knowledge about how to do something better, a story that makes people laugh, smile, or feel something meaningful. If you have thoughts to share that you want to impact or influence people with—beyond just your friends and beyond 140 characters—we want to provide the tools and the place. -Ev Williams

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My Life is an Essay
I have spent the last 20 years trying to decide which box to check off when filling out forms. [Read More]

Resolutions, Goals and Gratitude
I’m the type who usually blabs my big, giant goals and resolutions to the world in hopes that I will actually do them if I shout about them to everyone. This theory didn’t work so well last year. [Read More]

An Open Letter to Comedians
When the comedian told the rape joke last night, the audience fell silent. A few peole booed and some women got up and walked out of the theater. [Read More]


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