How to get through your to do list


ABCs and 123s of Getting Stuff Done bookletAfter you write and prioritize your to do list the next thing is to actually do it. This is sometimes challenging, particularly when you don’t really want to do the stuff listed on your to do list.

Some tricks I use to get through my daunting to do lists are:

      1. Set a timer
      2. Create a reward for myself

If there is something I really, really do not want to do I commit to doing for 15 minutes. I set the timer and give it my all for 15 minutes. What happens is I’ve either finished the task, or I’ve gotten so in to working on it I keep going or I give myself a break (reward) from the task and do something else. I get through the project in 15 minute increments.

If my to do list is full of a bunch of random things and I’d rather be out hiking or having coffee with a friend, I commit to doing a set number of tasks before I can go for a hike or meet up with someone. This helps me get really focused and productive, especially on these shorter days when my outside time is limited.

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