A cup of coffee, a hug and a smile 


Two things I learned at Starbucks today:
 1. If you order a ‘for here’ cup of coffee and request it to be in a real mug, Starbucks will serve you that cup of coffee in a real mug. 

Did you know this? I did not. I’d heard the rumor but I always forgot to ask when ordering. Starbucks does not promote, encourage or make it obvious but they will do it, if you ask. 

2. People do look up from their phones when witnessing human kindness. 

I looked up from my phone when I heard a woman say to the man who just sat down next to her, “Excuse me, my daughter is sitting there.”

The man, looking mildly perturbed, got up and moved to another place. The mom looked my way and we shared a knowing glance of ‘he seems kind of grumpy.’

Then her 3 year old daughter walked up and said, “Mom, it is okay, I’m not using the chair.” She then proceeded to walk across Starbucks straight up to the grumpy man. She grabbed his hand and said, “You can have my seat. Come.” She pulled him across the cafe and led him to her seat.

He sat down.

By this time all eyes were on the duo. He still seemed grumpy. The small child continued to talk to him, asking his name, telling him her name, smiling at him. Mom was there helping to translate her daughter’s toddler speak to this older man. 

When mom told daughter it was time to go, daughter walked up to man and opened her arms wide for a hug. Man glanced over at mom to get the okay and then hugged the little girl.

He smiled.

The girl smiled.

Mom smiled.

We all smiled.


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