Your Welcome


If someone writes “your loved, your welcome, or your wonderful” on my Facebook page, I am going to appreciate what they wrote. I am not going to correct them by responding with “I think you meant to say you’re. ;-)” I will respond with, “Thank you!”

Typos happen. Not knowing proper English grammar happens. Not knowing how to spell happens. It happens for many reasons. Sometimes the person writing has a learning challenge, or maybe English is their second or third language. Maybe their (there, they’re) smart phone auto-corrected the word and they did not notice.

I personally know a few wonderful, caring, intelligent people who rarely post on social media because of their learning challenges. They have been ridiculed for using the wrong form of their, your, or they wrote now instead of know.

Before you go and share that next meme making fun of grammar or spelling mistakes, ask yourself this question: “Is this helpful for hurtful?”

Maybe share something helpful instead like a little, bite-sized, fun, educational snippet on how to use some of the more confusing English words. 

 effext vs. affect 

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