Did a unicorn throw up on your logo? #Pride


My muse came pounding at my door this morning about #Pride and I feel compelled to share what I received despite all my inner critic voices shouting at me to just focus on the sparkly rainbows.

Warning: Sally rant about to download… please excuse my judgy muse while she shares her feelings.

Does #Pride now mean straight ally rainbow party day?

My wife tells me to be grateful. She says we should be thankful everyone wants to show they are supportive of the LGBTQ community. She is right. I am thankful.


Did a unicorn throw up on every corporate logo this month?

I am also curious in a cynical kind of way. Are the companies and cute cis-gender straight people covered in rainbows really inclusive?

If you are flying the rainbow flag, have a rainbow logo, or wearing rainbow please check your #Pride intentions. Being inclusive goes way beyond being accepting of two moms. This goes for everyone, not just cisgender straight folks. If you are wondering what cisgender means, please look it up.

Does your #Pride include LGBTQ people of color including the T (transgender people)? Do you know the history of Stonewall?

Does your #Pride include access to bathrooms for all?

Does your #Pride include people with different abilities or challenges?

Are you willing to at least try to use gender affirming pronouns you may not be very familiar with like the singular they/them or xe, xyr, she/he, etc?

I could go on and on but you get the idea.

If you have a rainbow logo or have covered your body in Target rainbow attire please wear it with pride (thank you for your support, I truly do appreciate it), BUT please take a moment to honor all the colors of the rainbow and humanity.

Sparkle on!

Target pride jumpsuit
*Unicorn pillow image credit to: Redbubble
*Fabulous jumpsuit image credit to: Target

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