Common Courtesy – Something Sometimes Forgotten


Marin PeopleToday I went to Trader Joe’s in Larkspur Greenbrae at lunch time.  (So my last post about Trader Joe’s said it was in Larkspur but I just looked at the official Trader Joe’s site and the address is actually in Greenbrae.) I think I will forever be confused to the city/town borders of Larkspur, Greenbrae, Corte Madera and Kentfield but I’ll leave that for another post. I’m still thrilled about the fact there is now a Trader Joe’s closer to Southern Marin.

Although, I’m wondering how the other stores in the Cost Plus Center feel about the new traffic in their parking lot and the carts left all over the parking lot and on the side walks.

Warning Sally rant about to start:

I thought Marin people were civilized people! What is up with the carts left every which way all over the parking lot, on the sidewalk, in the parking places? Come on people! Can we show a little appreciation and at least put our carts away or put them in the designated cart drop off places?

Today I had to pass up two parking places because there were carts left in them and while I was driving around the parking lot I saw employees from one of the other stores moving carts from in front of their entrances and off of the sidewalks in front of their stores.

This is not a complaint about the Trader Joe’s employees, I’ve seen them working hard rounding up the carts. This is a request to the shopper’s of the Greenbrae Trader Joe’s to show a little common courtesy and put your carts away!

Thank you. I’m done now.

Stay tuned for your regular happy, positive Sally posts.

2 thoughts on “Common Courtesy – Something Sometimes Forgotten

  1. octopusgrabbus

    It’s not just here (Greater Boston) then. I love Trader Joe’s, but there is something about it that turns off some people’s proximity radar. These folks tend to think they’re the only ones in the store and behave accordingly.

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