Following Up With Clients


Following up with clients is probably the single most important thing you can do to grow your business. For many entrepreneurs following up with clients can be a scary thing. It can mean rejection. It can also mean a sale and owning a successful business. Not following up… well that’s kind of like rejection, same result at least – no new clients.

If the thought of following up with potential clients makes your heart race try reading Jaime Lee Mann’s book The Art of Follow Up. This book will help you get over that fear. Jaime writes in an easy to understand, easy to relate to kind of way. After I read her book I really had no more excuses for not following up. I am so glad I did read her book, my business has soared to levels it would never have been if I had not mastered The Art of Follow up!

2 thoughts on “Following Up With Clients

  1. cowgirlc

    Hi Sally, I have Jaime’s book and you are so right. I have just gotten in the habit of following up on RFP’s that I have responded to. And beleive it or not, it works. I’m trying to break away from the hesitation to make a phone call as well.


    By the way Sally, you have also been tagged…

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