Why I think you should use your real name on Twitter


If you don’t use your real name on Twitter…

  • I’m not sure who you are.
  • I forget who you are.
  • If I meet you in person I’m confused as to who you are unless you say I’m @TwitterIDSoandSo.
  • I start to wonder who I am talking to.
  • I don’t quite trust you because I’m not exactly sure who you are.

If you already have a Twitter ID and don’t want to change it because everyone knows who you are already then at least put your real name in your bio on your Twitter page. Why do so many of you not use your real name in the bio? And if you are all paranoid and don’t want anyone to know who you are why are you even on Twitter? If you are cautious and worried about Twitter psycho’s can you at least put your first name in your bio so I know you are a real person. If you are promoting your business via Twitter you could still put your real first name in the bio line so I know there is a person behind the business. I like people. I want to do business with people.

Thank you for listening to my Twitter rant.

PS. This post is not directed to anyone in particular. I have lots of Twitter friends who don’t use their real name and even though I wish they would use their real names I still love them.

2 thoughts on “Why I think you should use your real name on Twitter

  1. octopusgrabbus


    I understand, and there are some legit reasons not to have your real name. So, I don't disagree with your post, but there are sometimes extenuating circumstances.

    Uncle Occi

  2. Sally_K

    Thanks for the comment! It has been brought to my attention something I did not think of – the job, the boss, other reasons why you may want to be anonymous. Thanks to the person who explained that to me. I've been self employed for so long I sometimes forget what it's like having a big boss hanging over your shoulder.

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