Fun Things To Do In Tiburon


If you are visiting the Bay Area or live here and are looking for a fun thing to do, I suggest spending a morning in Tiburon. Tiburon has one of my favorite views of the Bay. You could start with breakfast in Tiburon at at the New Morning Cafe or stop by Cafe Acri for a light breakfast and coffee or tea. The view from Cafe Acri is pretty amazing. Cafe Acri is located right on the corner of Main St in Tiburon.

Tea at Cafe Acri

After breakfast you could take a stroll along the water front and soak in the amazing views of the Bay. Whether it is sunny, foggy, cloudy or rainy you will still get a beautiful view.

Foggy Tiburon
Be sure to check out the fountain at the entrance to Main Street.

Tiburon Fountain

Main Street is a lovely little street full of charming shops and restaurants.

Make sure you go all the way to the end of Main Street and turn so you don’t miss Ark Row where you will find even  more shops, restaurants, wine tasting and the Tiburon Playhouse.

Ark Row in Tiburon

Ark Row Shops
windsor vineyards

After perusing the shops, maybe tasting a little wine and having lunch you could catch a film at the Tiburon Playhouse.

Tiburon Playhouse
Or if you are the more adventuresome type you could take the ferry to Angel Island and do some exploring.

Finally the thing I love most about Tiburon is that it is a dog friendly town. Many of the shops even have bowls of water set outside their doors to keep your furry friend hydrated.



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