Globetrotters and Twitter


We took the kids to see the Harlem Globetrotters this weekend. It was fun. Although, I have to admit I think the target audience is more for 10 years old and under. LOL

Our teenagers (17 and 19) were troopers and enjoyed the evening. At one point, I looked around and realized just about every family in the audience had children under the age of 10. But we all decided to embrace our inner children and have fun even if we were a little bit older than everyone else in the stadium.

I love the music and the spirit of the Globetrotters. It’s all about having fun, which is my mission for 2010.  The tricks they do are absolutely amazing. They make basketball look so easy.

If the Harlem Globetrotter’s pass through your neighborhood I highly recommend embracing your inner child and going out and having some fun!

My Twitter friend @PoButler was also in the audience with her kids, we tweeted and found each other. She was sitting about as far away from me as she possibly could but we still saw each other and waved. My kids thought I was a bit strange for getting all excited and waving across the stadium to my Twitter friend. Even the Globetrotters are on Twitter.

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  1. Peggy Butler

    I know what you mean about the target audience. I had my 9 yr old son with me and he loved it. I watched the game a bit, but mostly spent my time chatting with the other adults in our group. They have a box suite and were nice enough to invite us. First time I’ve even been in one of those boxes. Not bad!

    Was fun waving to you!

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