Have You Been Phished?


PhishedPlease be careful what you click on in Twitter, Facebook and all social networking sites!

If you receive a DM on Twitter saying something like “haha is this you?” with a link or other strange DMs please do not click on the link.

If you do click on the link please do not give them your Twitter Log In info, even if it looks like a Twitter page (it’s probalbly not).

This is how people get in to your account and send out those icky DMs to all your followers. This is called phishing, the mean person or program on the other end tricked you in to thinking you are just relogging in to Twitter but really you are not, you are giving someone else your log in info.

This can happen on Twitter, Facebook, eBay, PayPal, you name it… always check the url at the top of your browser, if something feels suspicious it probably is. If you do click on a link and you are asked to log in to Twitter again… don’t. Close your browser, re-open it, and start all over entering Twitter.com.

Scott Stratten explains phishing much more eloquently. Please read here.

If you are going to participate in social networking, it is uber important that you know how to protect yourself and your followers.

If your account did get phished you can easily stop the problem by quickly changing your password.

Thank you!

3/1/10 Update: There is a new phishing scam going on today. If you receive a DM that says: “Some1 wrote something about u on his blog” IGNORE it or DELETE it but please do not click on the link.

One thought on “Have You Been Phished?

  1. Dusty

    I received a strange DM from someone I know. The message was not very nice, so to speak, which was definitely a red flag. Yes, there was a link included. Thanks for the advance warning.

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