LinkedIn Keeps Logging Me Out


LinkedInI don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but recently every time I’ve tried to do anything in LinkedIn I’d get really frustrated because it kept logging me out (when I did not want to be logged out). I’d update my profile, click save and it would log me out. I’d log back in and all my changes were lost. πŸ™

I’d write a testimonial about someone, click send and Linked in would log me out. Sign back in only to find the testimonial I had written was lost. πŸ™

I’d send a message to someone, click send, same thing… I’d get logged off and message was lost for good. This has been very frustrating! πŸ™

I finally solved the LinkedIn issue today! I had to add LinkedIn as a Trusted Source to my browser. This solved the problem. I can finally start being active in LinkedIn again!

If you are having this issue here is how you can add LinkedIn as a Trusted Site to your browser.

In Firefox go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Exceptions > Type in > and click Allow > OK

In IE Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites > tyep in > Allow > OK

6 thoughts on “LinkedIn Keeps Logging Me Out

  1. Dr. J. Winston Lennon-Smyth, PhD

    I’ve had the same issue with LinkedIn. I can’t touch a button without being kicked off. Used it regularly 500+ people connected with. So in my little mind it must one of two things:
    1. They want me to Upgrade to Premium because it actually works and I’ll need to pay. (My first guess, as it’s all about the money) or
    2. Because I’m English. And as such, we’re an easy target, because the geniuses at LinkedIn think that since we are the only group you can descriminate against at will, without a class action suit, who better to fleece for Premium cash $$$.

  2. Jon Lee

    Linked In app keeps logging me out as well.. frustrating but only happens on my PC, so switching to ipad cures the problem. The issue there is most of the stuff I use is stored on my laptop meaning I have to prep and transfer.

    Considering moving to Linked In Pro but would be very cheesed off if it continued..

  3. Mike A

    Same problem in 2017. Thinking it’s all about upgrading to pro because they recently started limiting my activity and pressuring me into paying up. This is horrible, absolutely horrible to treat users like this.

  4. Ava

    I added LI to my trusted sites and the problem still persisted. I also cleared my cache and cookies and changed the time on my desktop clock. (all things that have been suggested in the forums.)

    Still not having any luck. Plus no one is getting back to me now.

    Extremely bad service… should have known Microsloth would not be able to handle this when they bought it. Deja vu!

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