Sonoma Latina Grill in Novato serves Real Food!


Sonoma Latina Grill serves real food. What I mean by real food is that it is made fresh, no preservatives, no trans fat, no high-fructose corn syrup and no freezers! Just real, good, clean food. Not only is the food real and whole it is organic, fresh and local! Sonoma Latina Grill is truly a hidden gem here in Marin! I’ll tell you why. Sonoma Latina Grill is located in a strip mall. I don’t know about you, but I often make the assumption that restaurants in malls are corporate restaurants. Well Sonoma Latina Grill is not some corporate franchise it is an independently owned business run by Lucy & Mike Tamayo.

I don’t even know where to start! Dani from BZhive introduced me to Mike, one of the owners of Sonoma Latina Grill.

Mike invited me in to the restaurant so he could share his passion about food with me. I was not expecting to get the treatment I got! Mike brought out a tasting platter and introduced me to all the different foods they were serving that day.

He explained to me that since their food is fresh and local that they to a tasting every day before opening because the food consistency can change depending upon the weather and other factors. They do a tasting to make sure what they are serving is delicious. I was delighted to be a part of this tasting. I tasted everything from Chicken Mole to Carne Asada to the Four Bean blend (Black, White, Adzuki and Pinto). After the tasting Mike brought me a plate of fish tacos because he knows that is one of my favorite dishes.

I almost forgot to mention their homemade mouth watering tortillas! You can choose between the Traditional Flour or the 9 Grain Tortillas both with no additives, preservatives or trans fat and made with natural and organic ingredients.

I enjoyed the food and talking to Mike so much that I ended up staying for a few hours! It was a sunny beautiful day and we sat outside. Mike took me in the back and introduced me to his staff and I got to watch how the salsa was made and eat the salsa seconds after it was prepped. Wow their salsa is amazing! They actually have 5-6 different types of salsa and I loved all of them!

On March 26th Sonoma Latina Grill is going to have a Paella party! Mike has a big authentic Paella pan! More details coming soon but the save the date, I have a feeling you don’t want to miss this Paella!

Of course after sitting with me for a few hours Mike decided to create a Twitter account for Sonoma Latina Grill. You can follow them @SonomaLatina. I’m looking forward to reading their tweets because they get community!

Sonoma Latina Grill is located in the Hamilton Marketplace in Novato.

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