Strange things happen in Marin County


Marin County never ceases to surprise me. I mean Marin County does kind of have a reputation for um how can I say it… strange people! Basically, anything goes here in Marin.

If you like to drive a fancy car and own a big giant house that’s fine, if you like to live in a commune out in West Marin well that is fine too, if you want to dance under the moon that’s okay too, if you want to be a workaholic and commute in to San Francisco day in and day out that is fine too, if you want to be an environmentalist, an animal rights activist, an antiwar protester that is fine too, if you want to spend your whole paycheck at Whole Foods fine, if you want to put Sarah Palin stickers on your car and watch Fox news that is… okay well almost anything goes here (if you are liberal). Remember when George Bush apologized for calling John Walker Lindh “some misguided Marin County hot-tubber.” Marin just kind of has a reputation.

Along the lines of strange things happening in Marin look what we happened upon the other day.

Wild Turkeys at Tennessee Valley parking lot!

And if you are wondering who besides the Turkeys is making the gobbling sounds in the background… well that is Marin resident Celia. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I mean… does any other county have a Facebook Fan Page for a turkey as a public figure? The turkey has 480 fans. The turkey has more fans than I do, but I’m not bitter or anything.

8 thoughts on “Strange things happen in Marin County

  1. Marooned in Marin

    Marin has always been an eclectic bunch, but of the 15+ years I have lived here, I have to agree with Sally that the past 4 or 5 years have been the most weird I have ever seen! There is no real culture anymore, no feel, no continuity, just everything and anything which has basically ruined the area especially mill valley! People aren’t friendly anymore for the most part, it’s just a strange mix of people with absolutely nothing in common. This is what happens when liberals go wild and no boundaries or societal norms are set at all, you will eventually get a dysfunctional society, or at least one that isn’t very pleasant to live in!

  2. Sally_K Post author

    Marooned in Marin so sorry to hear how disappointed you feel about Mill Valley. Yes it can feel cold and unfriendly from the outside but I have discovered if find others with common interests (regardless of their political beliefs) you can meet some really great people in Marin County! If you like to hike, write, blog, bike, go bird watching, sail… there is most likely an organized group ready to welcome new members.

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