October Around The Bay


Is it really already Halloween? Where did October go?

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to blog. So here is a little month in review via photos.

The best thing about working in San Francisco is the never ending options of places to eat. I think I could eat at a different restaurant every single day and after a year still not have tried all the restaurants within walking distance to my new office.

View from my office.

One day while waiting for the ferry, a friend and I decided to try Sinbad’s. I’d describe Sinbad’s as a dive bar with an amazing view! It is located right next to the ferry building, on the bay, with a view of the Bay Bridge. Their dining room kind of resembles a green house.


After Sinbad’s we went to MarketBar which is located at the front of the Ferry Building.

Bruchetta with Salmon



After eating those delicious appetizers I took the ferry home. Celia picked me up at the ferry building and drove me to the bus stop where I had left my mini van that morning. When we pulled in to the parking lot I did not see my mini van. I thought someone had stolen it. Celia pulled right behind a brand new Toyota Yaris and said Happy Birthday! She surprised me with a brand new Toyota Yaris! I love my new car! For those of you who remember the Mini saga and are wondering why she didn’t get me the Mini… I changed my mind and decided the Yaris was a much better buy.

Happy Birthday!

For lunch one day I tried one of the little alley way cafes. Cafe Venue is located on Leidesdorf & California Streets. I had a delicious Turkey Cranberry sandwich. It was a chilly San Francisco day but where Cafe Venue is located there was a little warm spot of sunshine and the buildings protected me from the wind.

Cafe Venue

Cafe Venue

Cafe Venue Menu

Cafe Venue Menu

That afternoon at our daughter’s volley ball game we ran into a nun (Sister Marion) dressed as Elvis. This is a pretty amazing nun.  “In 1983 she qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials in the marathon, at age 54, by running 2 hours, 51 minutes, 1 second at the California International Marathon in Sacramento. She shattered all major running records in the 50-54, 55-59 and 60-64 age groups, earning a five-year sponsorship by Nike and competing in track events in Australia, Canada, Finland and Switzerland.” –MarinIJ

Sister Marion (aka Elvis)

And this weekend I’ve been taking care of my poor doggy who has a bad hot spot. 🙁

Happy Halloween!

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