Good Old Fashioned Home Cooking


Home cooked meals are my focus this summer. I want to have more of them. Since I started commuting to work almost 2 years ago I got in the habit of going out to eat more than what I want. I have been missing my home cooked meals. It is not easy to work outside the home full time, plan meals, grocery shop and have time to cook.

I found my last 30 day challenge so helpful with my writing process that I decided to give my self the challenge of eating from home more often. I didn’t go public with this challenge though because honestly the thought of not going out to eat for 30 days in a row seemed daunting to me. I like to set realistic goals. I decided to take the one day at a time approach with this and I am happy to announce I have made it through Day 10 of home cooked meals.

The local Farmer’s Market has made this goal a lot more fun and easier to do. Every Tuesday on my way home from work I stop at the Tam Valley Farmer’s Market and stock up on fruit, veggies, eggs, chicken and fish. I do my best to make this last for the whole week of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’m still not ready to commit to #30days30meals but I am committing to more home cooked meals. The last 10 days have been great, not to mention better for my budget. Keeping in mind the Happiness Spreadsheet, right now there are things I would rather be spending my hard earned money on than restaurants! Plus I can write during the down time of waiting for things to cook to. Right now, writing is my priority.

How often do you go out to eat?

What are your favorite summer recipes? Here is one of mine: Quinoa salad with beets and of course Kale Chips!

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