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Inspired by the beautiful weather and my Twitter friends, I decided to go on a bike ride today. If you are not an avid roadie or a hard core Mountain Biker (like Celia) then this kind of ride is for you. A nice, mellow, beautiful ride around Sausalito.

The most challenging part of my ride today was getting my bike on top of my car. I live up a really, really steep hill and am too chicken to ride down that hill and way too out of shape to ride up it. So I needed my car to get my bike the 1/2 mile down the road. I’m short, the bike rack is tall, getting the bike in the rack is challenging, but I did it! Yes, I really am short. For some reason, my virtual friends always assume I am tall and are surprised when they meet me in person. My avatar must look tall or something. I’m 5’3″.

I started my ride on the new Tam Valley bike path located along Tennessee Valley Road.

I then found myself surrounded by flowers on the Mill Valley Bike path as I headed toward Sausalito.


Did you know about this little secret beach in Sausalito? Why did I not discover this place when the kids were little?

I pedaled along the water front path that winds in and out of Sausalito and the boardwalk and happened upon this fun work of art. An art car!

Then I found the entrances to this cool neighborhood. The people who live here must be cool with mail boxes like this!

Found more beautiful flowers along the public boardwalk in Sausalito.

Glanced over and saw San Francisco being wrapped in fog. Glanced away before I spent too much time remembering tomorrow is Monday and I have to be on the other side of the Bay early tomorrow morning. Brought myself back in to the present moment of appreciating all the beauty surrounding me.

I turned around and started heading back home, noticed Mt. Tam in the distance and thought of my friend Maria who inspired this ride by all of her beautifully written blog posts about Mt. Tam and biking.

As I headed back on the path I stopped to take a few more shots of Mt. Tam.

One last shot before I headed home to my empty nest to make some kale chips to eat while blogging.

Thank you to all of my Twitter friends who inspire me everyday to get off of the computer, get up and move!


5 thoughts on “Bike Around the Bay

  1. maria

    Thanks so much for taking us along this beautiful ride. Next time, I’d like to go along, not just virtually … maybe that way i could be of some help with getting the bike on top of the car?

  2. Billiejean

    This is an AWESOME summary of your bicycle adventures today…bravo to you Sally for taking the time to share/document the beautiful scenery that awaits every ‘Marin cyclist’ on any day of the week, during any time of the year!

  3. Suzanna

    Yay, Sally, fun to visually ride along with you. I love all those spots. After I get back from the desert, I should have a few extra bike riding muscles. Maybe we can go on this ride together some time!

  4. Ruth Martin

    How fun to ride along with you, Sally, and see sights off the beaten track. And yes, I confess, I’m one of those virtual buddies who gave you some added height credit. Let’s just blame it on all the sunshine and the long shadows.

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