End of Summer Update


I have not had much time to blog lately so here is a quick update on what has been happening.

1. Empty Nest – I’m about to have an official empty nest. All 3 kids are off to college as of this weekend. Big changes around the home front. No dependents except for my old dog that seems to be aging rapidly. 🙁 We had to put a baby gate up so he wouldn’t fall down the stairs. He does not like the baby gate at all!

2. Commuting – I am still commuting in to the city everyday via bus and taking photos as I cross over the Golden Gate Bridge. Even though I have lived here for almost 20 years I never stop being amazed by the beauty and the weather of the San Francisco Bay Area. It changes every day! To see the photos I take click LIKE on my Facebook page:  (a little secret: I look forward to seeing who likes my photos every morning on FB. It gives me something to look forward to on my early morning commute. Thank you to those who take the time to click LIKE each day, it means a lot to me.) 

3. Social Media – I’m trying out Paper.li an automatically generated online newspaper that is created from my Twitter feed. I pick the people, Paper.li chooses the content. You can follow it here.

4. Celia was recently featured on Success and Chocolate! (I’ll wait while you go read the interview.)

5. My book about other mothers: I am still plugging away at it thanks to my writing coach Maria Benet who keeps gently nudging me in the right direction.

How has your summer been? What are you plans for the Fall?

Trivia: How to Prepare Kale Chips is still my all time number ONE most visited blog post.

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