I am not a social media expert


social media expertI live, eat, and breathe social media but I am not a social media expert.

I have opinions about social media, give talks about social media and make a living off of social media but I am not a social media expert.

I personally do not believe anybody is a social media expert.

The field is too new and changes every 5 minutes. It is not possible to be a social media expert.

I like to think of myself as a social media explorer.

My passion, obsession, and some might say addiction is social media. I read the news about social media, try new social media platforms, experiment with social media and train people how to use social media. I am a quick study when it comes to those annoying Facebook updates where they change everything right about the time you just figured out how to do everything. I accept the fact that change happens, especially with social media. When my clients or friends introduce me as a social media expert, I correct them and tell them I am a social media explorer.

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