They Are Children And They Need Our Support


unaccompanied minors

***UPDATE October 13, 2014 ***


Here are the campaigns that still have a chance to qualify for the matching dollars if we help them reach their goal by donating today!


  • Staying in the US, Staying SafeAyuda will provide legal services and gain immigration benefits for youth like Alejandra so that they are able to stay with their families in the United States and not have to return to the dangers of their countries of origin. 
  • Immigrant Children’s Project: Legal Services for Children goal is to protect the basic human rights and prevent the unnecessary and inhumane deportation of unaccompanied immigrant children. Your contribution will provide funding for an attorney to work directly with detained and released unaccompanied immigrant children in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Education for Dreamers (Soñadores para la Educación): Voces will provide scholarships for one year (renewable) to at least 100 young latinos returning to their country of birth to pursue education.
  • Justice 4 Kids: Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition project will allow us to secure representation for more children, in response to the many thousands arriving at our border in need of relief. 
  • Lawyers for Kids: Your contribution to Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project will help our organization find these children representation in their immigration proceedings. 
  • Protect, Don’t Deport Refugee Children: The short term objective is clear: we cannot deport children back into harm’s way. Over the next thirty days, NALACC members around the country will be hard at work to ensure that the refugee children coming to this country from Central America are protected. We will also launch a series of transnational advocacy delegations aimed at countries in Central America. 
  • Giving Voice to Unaccompanied Children: Centro Presente’s goal is to respond to the immediate humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied immigrant minors and their families entering the United States and the Greater Boston Area. We want to be able to advocate for better public policies to respect their basic human rights and give them a voice.
  • Integrate them into Mexican Society: Fundación Casa Alianza aims to stabilize migrant children and adolescents who have been forced to leave their homelands, because of the violence they’ve gone through. We will provide them with social skills and long-term life opportunities to establish a dignified life and for them to recuperate a sense of identity and self-worth.


September 2014

Regardless of your political beliefs about immigration, we currently have around 50,000 unaccompanied children in our immigration system. These children have come from Central America fleeing extreme poverty, violence, gang & drug related activity. Many have come alone and have endured incredible hardships, beyond what most of us can comprehend. And, the challenges continue once they arrive in our borders. Did you see the images of the children in cages here in our USA detention centers? Those images broke my heart and that is when I decided I had to personally do something.

As many of you know, I am working on the HIPGive crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds to protect these children who have crossed the border unaccompanied.

These children are not here for financial opportunity, they are here for survival. They left their home countries fleeing extreme violence. We need to help these children. They are children. What they need right now is legal representation. We currently have 12 organizations crowdfunding on our site who are providing direct humanitarian and legal services to these children.

In addition, Hispanics in Philanthropy, the amazing organization I work with is offering $50K in matching funds!

I am writing today because I need your  support to help these organizations reach their goals. They need to raise this money so they can continue to provide legal and humanitarian support to these poor children who have already been through so much more than most of us can even imagine.

Between my personal Twitter, Facebook and this blog I estimate my reach to be about 10,000 people. Imagine if each one of you donated just $2? Together we would raise over $20,000 to help these innocent children. Will you help me do this?

No amount is too small! When you do donate, I want to thank you, please let me know so I can give you a shout-out on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you for your support! This situation is near and dear to my heart. See below for a list of the individual organizations raising funds and a description of their campaigns.


Links to the organizations raising emergency funds on Some are here in the US others are in Mexico. Please consider picking one campaign and making a donation and sharing with your network.

After the Journey al Norte: Ensuring Immigrant Children’s Safety and Well-Being: The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights is asking for your support to deploy teams of Child Advocates to advocate for the best interests of unaccompanied immigrant children in three new cities: New York, Houston, and the D.C. metropolitan area.

Justice 4 Kids: Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition project will allow us to secure representation for more children, in response to the many thousands arriving at our border in need of relief. 

Staying in the US, Staying SafeAyuda will provide legal services and gain immigration benefits for youth like Alejandra so that they are able to stay with their families in the United States and not have to return to the dangers of their countries of origin. 

Education for Dreamers (Soñadores para la Educación): Voces will provide scholarships for one year (renewable) to at least 100 young latinos returning to their country of birth to pursue education.

Lawyers for KidsYour contribution to Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project will help our organization find these children representation in their immigration proceedings. 

Immigrant Children’s Project: Legal Services for Children goal is to protect the basic human rights and prevent the unnecessary and inhumane deportation of unaccompanied immigrant children. Your contribution will provide funding for an attorney to work directly with detained and released unaccompanied immigrant children in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Protect, Don’t Deport Refugee ChildrenThe short term objective is clear: we cannot deport children back into harm’s way. Over the next thirty days, NALACC members around the country will be hard at work to ensure that the refugee children coming to this country from Central America are protected. We will also launch a series of transnational advocacy delegations aimed at countries in Central America. 

CARECEN Cares for KidsWe want to raise $15,000 to help hire a dedicated CARECEN attorney so we can take on these children’s cases. It’s estimated that without legal representation, up to 90 percent of the children are sent back to their home countries to face out-of-control violence from drug gangs. However, with legal representation, it is estimated that up to 70 percent may have a credible claim to asylum.

Sanctuary for our Children: SHARE is organizing churches and communities so that Central American refugee children and families will: Have access to basic humanitarian assistance (clothing, food, shelter, mental health, etc.); have legal representation that will prevent deportation; and will gain refugee status through local and national advocacy.

Giving Voice to Unaccompanied Children: Centro Presente’s goal is to respond to the immediate humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied immigrant minors and their families entering the United States and the Greater Boston Area. We want to be able to advocate for better public policies to respect their basic human rights and give them a voice.

Integrate them into Mexican Society: Fundación Casa Alianza aims to stabilize migrant children and adolescents who have been forced to leave their homelands, because of the violence they’ve gone through. We will provide them with social skills and long-term life opportunities to establish a dignified life and for them to recuperate a sense of identity and self-worth.

Central American Refugee Defense ProjectILCM is the Minnesota region’s largest provider of legal services for low-income Latinos. Our organization is being asked to lead the legal and policy responses to best serve the children and families attempting to immigrate from Central America. The funding from this campaign will grow our capacity to respond to the needs of such groups, especially unaccompanied minors, in a timely fashion.

Update: More projects have been uploaded since this original post was published: Click here to browse all projects.

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