Writer’s Block and Biases in Stock Photos


Writer’s block is real. It’s happened to me before and it is happening to me today but here I am writing. When I commit to something, I generally stick with it and I committed to writing a post a day for 10 days. I’m not feeling particularly profound or even inspired today.

I am remembering Anne Lamott’s advice she shared in the book Bird to Bird – to write the “shitty first draft” so here I am writing the “shitty first draft” which I also plan to publish because why not?

I think I read some where that Ray Bradbury told one of his students to write a bad story a week for a year, you can’t possibly write 52 bad stories. So here I am writing bad 10 blog posts for 10 days. Is it possible that I can’t possibly write 10 bad blog posts for 10 days?

We shall see!

Okay, I am back for a mini rant. I just quickly searched for a stock photo to use with this random blog post and this happened…

Has anyone else noticed that when you do a quick search for stock photos, for instance, if you search for the word “writing” the default images that come up are almost always of white people?

Example 1 – search term “writing”

Example 2 – search term “writing black”

Example 3 – search term “writing diversity”

Have you seen The Social Dilemma or Coded Bias yet? If not, I highly recommend you check them out.

#blogaday 4/10

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