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Write like nobody is reading. When I started this #blogaday for 10 days thing I didn’t expect anyone to actually read it. My plan was to just ramble nonsense but now that I know people are reading it I suddenly feel pressure to write something worth your time in reading. Writing feels like it should be an even exchange. If you are going to take the time to read what I write, I should take the time to write something worthy of reading, right?

Truth is, I have no idea what writing is worthy of your time. Different words resonate with different people. I know I have written some posts that I think are pretty awesome and those posts get no traction. Other times I write posts that I think are meh and they get tons of traffic. I stopped trying to game the system or write for SEO. I write for myself. If you are reading this thank you. It makes me smile when I see your comments.

This whole process is making me appreciate online influencers like GaryVee who crank out content ALL day long every day! I know he probably has a team supporting him but he’s still the one making the content. I don’t think people realize how much time and effort goes into being an online influencer. You don’t magically open an Instagram account or start writing a blog and have instant fame. The online world is saturated. I believe the only way to get noticed is to be your authentic self and this goes for business owners and nonprofits too. It’s not about shiny, polished marketing materials anymore. It’s about showing up and being yourself and making authentic connections.

Sandra Boynton

#blogaday 5/10

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